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Bridging The Gap



Christy Ferrer -

Bridging The Gap

Between Brands


Potential Customers

Carrying more than three decades of  legacy, Vidicom offers a wide range of choices across the digital and broadcasting media. This renowned branded content distributor has built its business and garnered its laurels on breakthroughs and innovations. The company is known to be a pioneer in branded content networking, broadcasted contents online and through television presentations. It helped develop a completely new distribution market via the dynamic transportation system. Apart from the success in adapting video and broadcasting technologies the company continues to make inroads and create newer techniques in interactive live programming thereby creating a direct link between the brands and the consumers.


Vidicom and innovation goes hand in hand

It was the first to video tape the fashion shows for broadcast and shortly launched the Citybuzz, which went on to become the very first in-hotel television network to screen live contents. It also began online live beaming in vehicles such as the airplanes and taxis. It developed into one of the most popular ways of transmitting the live media throughout the country with the help of satellites, commonly known as the Satellite Media Tour  or the SMT. The technique involves a comprehensive and active promotional strategy starting with pitching and B-roll creation and ending with a airtime in their very own InteracTV. It also involves the use of its other services to simulcast the monitoring on their booked stations and websites. Alternatively it enabled the client to avail the benefits of the Web media Tours or the WMTs. This information casting was designed for those who are interested to reach a targeted web audience and move away from the traditional SMT promotions. SMT and WMT share some similar features which have made both of them a success.


This success is due to rewarding campaigns and recasts involving experts and  celebrities like Gabby Douglas, Jane Pauley, Melissa Joan Hart and many others.  WMT generally involves video recording, Skype and in-house studio interviews with publishers and bloggers. Once that is taken care of, the dedicated post-production team gets working on those interviews so that they can be uploaded on that very day to enhance the reach. The WMT targets particular websites especially of renowned print publications doubling the effect. The company, along the years, has metamorphosed itself into an interactive platform of digital InteracTV, a game changing technique which brings the consumers closer to the brand through its outlets. None of this could be possible without the foresight and hard work of CEO and Founder Christy Ferer and her committed team.


The visionary that is Christy Ferrer             

She is the creator and innovator of  branded video content and its multi-media distribution. She started her career as a presenter for the WPIX New York covering the local news and bytes. Ferer soon became the very first news correspondent to regularly cover the fashion runway for the Today Show in NBC. An accomplished news personality and an innovator, Christy established the company in the year 1982 and single handedly spearheaded it into a force to reckon with. She has also authored many well known books and served the nation in distinguished positions. Her work was well recognized and she was bestowed with the prestigious French Legion of Honour Award in 2010. Hail the pioneer visionary Christy Ferer and her brainchild Vidicom. You can catch the work in action at

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