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Children's Cancer Recovery Foundation

A Cancer Foundation

That Helps

Children Fight Back


Although the exact medicine to treat cancer has not yet been discovered, yet the advancements of the medical science have come up with successful therapies to recover cancer. This recovery mission has best found victory in the children that suffer from cancer. The Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation created by Greg Anderson has paved the way to survival for many cancer affected children. All modern treatment means are present here to make even the last attempts to save the young lives. It has cured many children and returned them to their normal lives with a smile.


How much devastation is created by childhood cancer in the current times?

Researches show that most of the child deaths are caused due to cancer. In USA at least 13, 500 children are approximately detected with cancer and almost 30% of them die every year from this fatal disease. However, with the blessings of the Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation, the death rates in the children having cancer have diminished to a large extent. This institute has lit up the lamp of hope to many helpless parents who are suffering the pain of losing their child in the future because the child is detected with cancer.


The most prevalent cancers in children

Blood cancer: The majority of children admitted in the cancer foundation is detected with blood cancer or leukemia. It gives rise to abnormal multiplication of blood cells that makes the blood thicker. The effective analysis, monitoring and therapies of the foundation can ensure Children's Cancer Recovery in such cases. Generally, bone marrow transplant, stem cell therapies, blood transfusion is done in this case to extend the span of the child’s life. If detected at early stages, this disease can be cured.


Lung cancer: This is the second type of cancer noticed in the children. In most cases, the children are found to have abnormal coughing tendencies and also found to cough out blood. They get immense pains in their chest while coughing. Well managed radiation therapies can cure this problem if detected in the right tile.


How does the treatment take place?

 Mental motivation

The children are counseled to get motivated about fighting the disease. They are made to understand that the life is beautiful and they have to go a long way in their lives to do their worldly tasks. So they have to fight the cancer and win the game of life because they are important to their parents and to the world. This motivational exercise gives them the strength to fight the pains of the therapy and so the Children's Cancer Recovery takes place faster.


Radiation therapies

UV radiations are applied on the areas that are cancer affected. This radiation destroys the cancerous growths and inhibits them from spreading further in the body. Gradually with repeated sittings at equal intervals, the cancerous tissues are completely abolished and the child is recovered completely. This is possible only if the cancer is detected at very early stages.


Chemo Therapies

Similar to the radiation therapies, intravenous chemical administration also destroys the cancerous tissues. This process is a bit painful because the chemicals are very powerful as they are toxic to the cancerous tissues. The children are seen to become bald with rapid hair fall in the course of the treatment.

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