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Continental Chef Jobs

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Hello everybody. This is Ming from Americhy. I hope you're having a nice weekend, and really thank you very much for staying tuned.


Last night I was watching "Hell's Kitchen" on the Internet. I know some of you may have watched it too, right? It's an interesting, very funny TV program. If you never watched it before you must check it out. It's really a hit reality show. Basically it's a cooking competition. Chef Gordon Ramsay, who is the only judge and also the host of the show, kicks out one contestant in each episode. So finally he can pick a winner, to be the head chef of one of Chef Ramsay's high-end restaurants. And the winner will get an astronomical salary of $250,000 a year! Nice, huh? Today I am not going to talk about the money, I want to talk about the show itself. In the beginning of an episode, usually in the morning, the contestants will have to take their first challenge.


When the time is up, Chef Ramsay and other special guests will taste all the dishes and choose which the best is. For many times, both teams are neck and neck, maybe Team A performs slightly better than Team B and they win. But next time Team B may defeat Team A because they do better this time. That means, both teams are actually doing pretty well. But when nightfall comes, the contestants have to compete in the second challenge, which is to run a full dinner service. Somehow Chef Ramsay becomes extremely explosive at night.


Even it's just a tiny mistake, not to mention the big one, the Continental Chef Jobs will ruthlessly yell at those who do the wrong thing, sometimes even scream at the whole team. Shouting and screeching never stop for a second. His terrible roar can be heard in every single corner of the kitchen. Virtually nobody can do a perfect job in the dinner service because Chef Ramsay always can find something they do wrong. The contestants get frustrated, then they are trapped in a vicious circle, they do more silly things, the food is undercooked, overcooked, all kinds of rookie mistakes.


I guess you have already noticed that, when Chef Ramsay is yelling at the people, they will make a lot of mistakes, it is funny to watch though. When Chef Ramsay doesn't say anything and let them concentrate on making the food, they usually don't let the Chef down. The reason is very clear: the negative energy emitted by Chef Ramsay is affecting the contestants. Nobody can escape from the ash brought by the eruption of Volcano Ramsay.


The Chef makes them feel that they can't cook. He makes everybody look silly. I know Chef Ramsay does it on purpose, because it will make the show funnier and more interesting. It does, and actually I love Chef Ramsay and his performance because of his dynamic character. But I just want to use this as an example, to explain why it is not good and why it is not wise to indulge in complaining.


He sent thousands of troops and warships to America and tried to suppress the revolution. But we, having justice on our side, were endorsed by God, and everybody knows we finally defeated the British and won our independence. Our Founding Fathers prayed to God in every single Continental Congress meeting. God heard their prayers and sent His Blessings upon the American people. This is the Power of prayer. Thanks God. Amen.


Even it's just a tiny mistake, not to mention the big one, the Continental Chef Jobs will ruthlessly yell at those who do the wrong thing, sometimes even scream at the whole team.

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