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Education and Career

Do Online Students


Good Grades?

To meet the ever-changing educational needs of students entering allied health fields, classrooms, curricula and teaching philosophies are becoming more responsive to the diverse settings in which varied populations are served. Educators and administrators are seeking educational environments that engage and connect students with their learning space to capitalize and foster knowledge, growth and learning.


Flexible Classrooms and Lab Space:

Adaptable learning environments that provide versatility to shift from classroom to lab space and the flexibility for plenty of future growth are the driving force behind allied health classrooms of the future. Modern allied health classrooms will provide flexible, multi-functional, comfortable classroom environments that encourage a sense of community, essentially inviting the students and instructors to work together and interrelate.


Studies reflect that students are better able to actively process information when sensory, stimulation, information exchange and application opportunities are available. Flexible classroom spaces encourage students to share what they know and build on this shared base.


Integrating Advanced Technology:

The use of technology in the classroom plays a vital role in how students learn and the long-term effect of knowledge gained. When students are using technology as an educational tool they are in an active role rather than a passive role in a typical teacher-led lesson. The integration of advanced technology in an allied health classroom allows students to actively engage in generating, obtaining manipulating or displaying information.


Through this process, students become empowered to define their goals, make decisions and evaluate their progress. Coupled with student applied technology, classrooms are being equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and tools to prepare students for the transition from classroom to career.


Lecture / Laboratory and Classroom Models:

High Performing Buildings: As allied health programs shift to incorporate collaborative, interdisciplinary classrooms and clinical experiences that mirror real-life settings, students are empowered to move beyond mastery of skill to lifelong learning concepts. By creating classroom models that take students directly into their chosen field and allow them to "step into" their chosen career in a classroom setting, students are essentially provided a "business internship" that prepares them for their careers far beyond traditional text book curriculum. Bridging the gap between textbook knowledge and the application of "real world" experiences is the foundation of the new allied health classrooms settings.


A Vision for the Future

With the rapidly changing landscape of education and career as whole, taking on the challenge of designing multi-functional educational facilities means more than just designing a building. From technology to curriculums, campus structure to classroom environments, those involved in the planning, design and construction must be dedicated to providing solutions that meet the distinct needs of today's students.


Children are taught while growing up that going to school means striving to earn good grades. As an adult, especially a new online student, grades are often the initial focus because it is a tangible result. Whether or not their instructor provides written feedback, grades are perceived as the ultimate outcome.


When an instructor does provide feedback it may or may not change that perception, if they believe that their hard work and effort should equal a "good" grade. When students don't believe they are getting the grade they deserve it can be easy for them to become discouraged and disconnect from the class, especially if they have not establish rapport with their instructor.

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