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flatbed steel tarp

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In recent times, steel tarps have emerged as one of the safest ways to transport steel. With the ability to withstand any weather and other environmental condition, these tarps give your load that added layer of protection which is often missing from conventional transportation tarps. But despite being one of the most useful tools in heavy duty transport, not too much is known about these tarps as they are relatively new and not too much information is available on them. And to help you become more familiar with these modern tarps, here is an in-depth guide on steel tarps to get you a little better acquainted.


What is Steel Tarp?

Usually when people hear the term tarp, they think of a material which looks like a big cloth which is used in the construction of buildings and other home improvement jobs. But the steel tarp on the other hand is a heavy duty cloth which is used for covering flatbed trucking loads. Even though there is no involvement of steel for manufacturing the tarp, the tarp gets its name for its ability to cover and protect heavy duty loads like steel and other hazardous material. Which if covered with any other tarp would become prone to transportation and other environmental damage.


Steel Tarp for Flatbed Trucking

When it comes to flatbed trucking, the use of tarps is almost synonymous with transporting heavy loads like steel. But with regular tarps, chances of temperature related damage and other environmental damages increase by several folds. As steel tends to expand and contract with temperature changes, there is always this constant fear that the steel will become damaged in the course of the journey. And there is always the possibility of rusting and other damages with environmental changes like rain, snow and excessive heat which can render the steel useless. In situations like these, steel tarps come in extremely handy as they are built to withstand any temperature and environmental changes by adjusting the surface conditions of the tarp and protect heavy duty materials like steel.


The Construction of the Steel Tarp

Constructed by threads made from Polyvinyl chloride or PVC, the basic construction of the steel tarp is created to withstand extreme weather and environmental conditions. To give the steel tarp an added layer of strength, the tarp is then treated with chemicals to enhance strength and durability so that it does not let any water seep in during rain or break under extremely heat or cold. The chemical treatment also gives the tarp additional strength and resistance against external temperatures and environmental changes from breaching and affecting the material within. Available usually in a size of 16 feet by 25 feet with a 4 foot drop, the steel tarp is able to cover even the largest load on flatbed steel tarps trucks, protecting almost every type of load from damage. And the usual black or grey color gives the steel tarp that professional look which is almost always required for professional transportation.


Having understood the basics of steel tarps, it will be a whole lot easier for you to transport steel and other heavy duty goods without causing any damage. Here's to safe trucking.

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