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steel strapping




Strapping is a very much important function to bind all the heavy materials or to reinforce them. This strapping is mainly found in the packaging industry. There are different types of strapping. They are as follows:


  • The Steel strapping
  • The Nylon strapping
  • Polyester strapping
  • Polypropylene strapping
  • Corded and woven strapping
  • The Paper strapping
  • Composite strapping


The steel strapping is basically found in the industrial area to keep the hardened materials tightened together with the help of the steel strapping. And also to border a plot of land sometimes the steel strapping is used outside the city. The steel strapping also protects the material from getting any damage.


The different uses of steel strapping are in a variety. They are as follows:

For bundling of all the items together for the proper handling and the shipment like the newspapers, the pipe, the lumber or the concrete block, and many other things.


The steel strapping can be also used as the securing of a unit load of bricks, or the packaged glass, or the metal parts, and others.


It also helps in holding together the bales of different agricultural products or the different textiles.


The steel strapping is also very much used for the securing of coils of steel sheets.


The large wooden crates are also found in the packaging and moving offices. With the help of these huge wooden crate boxes, people travel from this place to that place or if any shifting is done. The wooden crates are also used to import or export materials. For example in the market the vegetables and fruits which are imported are brought to the market properly packed in the wooden crates. Things are properly kept in the huge wooden crates with protection so that they do not get damaged. The wooden crates are strong enough to carry heavy materials properly and carefully.


The crates are the transporting or the shipping containers which are used to transport or import or export materials from one place to another. The crates can be made of wood or of hard paper or of plastic. The cold drinks or the juices in the market are shipped from here to there with the help of the plastic made hardened crates. Then again the eggs which are brought into the market are shipped with the help of the hard paper crates and the vegetables and fruits are also carried into the market with the help of the wooden crates. The crates are variable in size, shape and structure.


The wooden crate has a very good structure, it. The sides of the wooden crate should be strong enough and should be placed perfectly to carry the heavy materials.  The wooden crates are very much different from the wooden boxes. But sometimes the wooden box is also known as the wooden crate. They are very much hard enough to get damaged. Thus the packers and the movers every time carry the materials to be shifted with the help of the wooden crates.

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