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Halloween Crafts

It'll Be All Fright on the Night with This Halloween Craft Help

With Halloween creeping up on us, there are few better excuses to get your children interested in arts and crafts than the approach of October 31. This can bring hours of light-hearted fun, constructing ghoulish creations they can use again and again.

Here’s a few ideas to get you started. Have a horrible Halloween!


Your ingredients

Long balloon, bowl, newspaper, flour and water, pan, stirrer, scissors, white tempera paint, black marker, paint brush.

How to put it together

Make a thin water/flour glue. Tear the newspaper into strips of 1in width (2.5cm). Blow up and tie a long balloon. Place it in a bowl to stabilise. Dip a strip of paper in the glue. Wrap around the balloon. 

Repeat, covering the entire top of it. Have at least three layers surrounding the balloon. Let it dry overnight after each layer. Pop the balloon, separate from the outer papier-mâché skin then bin it. Trim your ghost's base to form smooth scallops. Cut holes for eyes, paint your ghost white. Let it dry.

Suggested names

Phan-tom Cruise, Phil Spectre, Ghostman Pat.


You'll need

Old sock, fibrefill stuffing or cut-up material strips, elastic band, scissors, googly eyes/buttons, red felt, double-sided tape.

How to make her (or him, or it)

Stuff the sock with fibrefill/material strips, get an elastic band to fasten the open end, then glue on its googly eyes/buttons, add a tongue using felt and adorn it with double-sided tape.

What can you call him? 

The Sock Ness Monster, Stocking Kong, Count Your Toes Dracula.


Your bits and bobs

Stiff black paper, card or fun foam, pencil, scissors, clothespin, glue, googly eyes.

What to do

Draw then cut out a bat's outline from the black paper, card or foam, ensuring that the body is large enough to cover the clothespin. Glue the wings then the body on to the clothespin. Glue eyes to the bats and hang up.

Bat fastener name ideas:

Bat Slater (EastEnders), Bat King Cole, Postman Bat.


You'll need

Two passion fruits, teaspoon, craft knife, fabric pens, tape and glitter.

Bring your gremlin to life

Slice the top off your fruits, ensuring the hole is just wider than a teaspoon. Eat contents. Cut small V-shapes each side of the hole to make a better mouth. Make the eyes by sticking your sharp knife into the skin and twisting it like a screwdriver. Above the eyes, make two slits in the flesh, each 2mm wide. 

Push the two passion fruit tops and slide them into the two slits. Slice a small piece off the underside of your gremlin to ensure a flat surface, so it doesn't roll about, then decorate with craft materials.

This Halloween's most popular gremlin names

Gremlin-da Evangelista, Gremlin Hughes, Simon Cowell.


Gather these together

Black construction paper, glitter, glue, an old newspaper.

How to construct it

Work on the old newspaper to avoid mess. Draw a spider web with glue on the construction paper. Start by drawing intersecting lines. Then draw curved lines between them. Sprinkle glitter on the web. Gently shake the picture, allowing excess glitter to slide off the web. Dry overnight.

What to call it

Andrew Lloyd-Webber, Webbie Harry, Winona Spider.

Hey, presto! Your children will be the envy of their friends, you'll have spent a fraction of the budget of other parents, and your loved ones will have had a fun, seamless introduction into the world of arts and crafts. Simple!

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