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Mimaki blades

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You must have seen vinyl signs used in advertising. The use of vinyl is often seen on cars, office windows, doors, flooring, etc. Some of the vinyl signs could really be very intricate. Have you ever wondered how they are manufactured? If you have not been able to guess, then let me tell you about vinyl cutters.


These are things that are used to make vinyl signs you see everywhere. If you want to make a foray into the vinyl cutting industry, then you would need to buy vinyl cutters. But, before buying them you ought to know about the specific features you need to check.


Size: The first thing you need to check about the cutter is its size. If the major part of your jobs is small in size then you could invest in a compact cutter. For reference, know that a 6 inch wide cutter would do for smaller signs while a 64 inch vinyl cutter can very easily produce large vinyl signs.


Software: The next thing you need to check with the dealer is the software. Ask him if the vinyl cutting software will enable him to create artwork and send to the cutter. Also, it is advisable to check the various online forums about reviews of the version of software.


Tracking ability: It is the ability of the cutter to align material for cutting accurately. If you need very precise cutting where any room for deviation is not allowed, you should better choose a cutter with a great tracking ability. Typically, tracking ability of a cutter is expressed in meters or feet.


The type of material it can cut: Vinyl cutters are versatile. They can work on different materials such as films and fabric. Depending on your jobs, you can decide what type of vinyl cutter would suit you best.


Cutting Speed and Cutting Force: Indicated in inches per second, it signifies how fast a cutter works. Cutting force is different and it signifies the cutter’s ability to cut in different materials. Cutting force is typically expressed in grams. A high cutting speed means the cutter can cut on different materials. You might need a cutter with high cutting force if your work includes sandblast or reflective material.


Once you have decided on the cutters, you will have to look for the various types of cutting blades. There are various types of it, like Mimaki blades, Roland cutters blades, etc. Among these you will find blades of different angles like 30°, 45°, and 60° cutting blades.


Each of them has a specific use. For e.g. 30° cutting blades is ideal for handling ultra-small fonts and complex artwork, 45° cutting blades are great for general use and 60° cutting blades are mostly used for large fonts.


Whatever you vinyl cutting blades’ need is, we at Advanced machinery can help. We have all kind of vinyl cutting blades that are very affordable and compatible with all makes of vinyl cutters like Mimaki, Roland, etc. In case you have any query, you can seek the help of our trained and experienced sales assistants. They can address your query and help you make an informed decision.


Advanced Machinery is your one stop shop for all sorts of vinyl cutters and vinyl cutting blades. Check out to check out the list of all the products we have to offer.

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