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tank driving experience

Getting The Best Tank

Driving Experience With

The Proper Vehicles

The Chieftain was introduced in the 1960s and 70s and was one of the most advanced tanks of now is the right time. It had the most powerful weapon and heaviest defensive layer of any tank on the planet and enabled the driver to embrace a new, more flat position. Weighing in at a massive 55 tons and 7.5m long this really is the daddy of all tanks and great a good time for anyone on a tank driving day.


The Abbot tank driving experience comes in at the smaller extents of 16.56 tons and 5.8m long and was some piece of the British Army Fv340 series of vehicles all designed around the same frame. Just replaced in the 1990s, this tank is smaller and more agile and even could swim crosswise over water at around 3 bunches. The Alvis Stalwart initially appeared in 1959 and was used by the British forces from mid 1960s.


The "stolly" tank driving experience was a formidable cross country vehicle for its size and to 'move on board' drivers needed  to use the strategically placed rungs, center points, tires and top and after that lower themselves through submarine style hatches. Most extreme speed is claimed to be 40mph which feels pretty quick when maneuvering crosswise over trenches. The Ferret Scout Car is a light armored vehicle and gives the driver a feel for reconnaissance missions. It was adopted by the British Army from 1950 through to the 1970s. It is quick enough to be used on hard street surfaces yet rugged enough for rough terrain adventure.

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